Legally binding e-signatures can be easily applied to any document managed by M-Files to speed up transactions and approvals with Adobe Sign

E-signatures provide an efficient, legal way to obtain consent or approval on electronic documents and forms, and they can replace handwritten signatures in virtually any process. In paper-based processes, both parties must print, sign and scan a document, or otherwise travel and meet for physical “wet ink” signatures, an unnecessary and time-consuming inconvenience. 

M-Files provides unique, in-context access to documents from any source within an organization, and now they can be electronically signed with Adobe Sign. More than 8 billion electronic and digital signature transactions were processed through Adobe Sign and Adobe Document Cloud in the past year. M-Files users can request e-signatures from within any M-Files process, including with M-Files mobile apps and from within integrations in popular applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and Google Workplace.

Using e-signing in M-Files provides ample opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, efficiency and compliance.

Enterprises can significantly improve customer experience in sales and purchasing, as well as in contract or client management, strengthening competitiveness and enriching their reputation as innovators. Document heavy industries such as professional services, including legal and consulting services, benefit from faster, more efficient processes while not sacrificing compliance. The same applies for all internal processes that require legally-binding signatures, such as quality control and auditing.

In the new remote working reality, e-signatures provide a great way to streamline processes that otherwise would require lengthy workarounds. Companies have to maintain efficiency regardless of where their staff is or where their information resides, therefore, the ability to access documentation and complete transactions remotely is more critical than ever. With the flexibility provided by M-Files and Adobe Sign, businesses can operate as usual even in these unusual times.

“Legally-binding electronic signatures are a requirement for business in the future, particularly with the demands of the new work environment where remote work is a requirement,” said Greg Milliken, senior vice president of strategic alliances at M-Files. “With billions of transactions from millions of signers around the globe, Adobe is a true leader in the field, and we’re excited about this new alliance and the capabilities that Adobe Sign will bring to our customers.”

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