With the COVID-19 Pandemic spreading relentlessly across the globe, and with no real end in sight, substantial strain will be put on businesses in all sectors due to absenteeism, quarantines, travel restrictions, and other preventions for risk of infection.

M-FILES offers an easy-to-deploy solution to help manage workflows, processes and document management remotely, so your organisation can continue to function in spite of lockdowns or absenteeism.  After lockdown,  hit the ground running and positively affect revenue streams quickly with M-Files.

Hundreds of thousands of people — maybe even millions — are battening down the hatches in their homes because of COVID-19 and working in the same place they live. There may be a paradigm shift happening in the world, spurred by this coronavirus situation. Will organizations discover hidden value in a remote workforce? When they see how many resources it takes to run a brick and mortar office, will they allow for more workers to operate from home, even after the pandemic blows over? Time will tell, but it’s the new normal — at least for now.

Access documents anytime, anywhere, and with any device

The need to access and manage documents doesn’t always come conveniently during office hours.

M-Files works with any device, allowing you to access and work with documents in e.g. network folders using your mobile device. Having unprecedented access to relevant information through M‑Files offers agility throughout your business processes, even if you’re offline.

Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid – get it your way, and use with any device

M-Files is platform and device independent. No matter your preference in setting up your IT environment, M-Files can be installed in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid solution, making your organization cloud ready from the get go. Furthermore, M-Files offers one common user interface regardless of the device you use, so you can work anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

Remote Work is No Longer a Nice-to-Have Perk, but a Critical Business Enabler

There are three key things to remember when solving the issue of providing access to data remotely.

  • Provide Secure Access and Maintain Control
  • Provide a Single Version of Truth
  • Provide a Future-Proof Solution

How are you facing these challenges? If people do not have the right tools, they will resort to ad-hoc ways of accessing documents and collaborating. Efficiency is important when businesses are challenged by a very demanding business environment. Yet, that efficiency is hard to gain if employees struggle to find all relevant data and documents while they work outside the office. Or, if they do not have a single version of truth that everyone in the company uses. Customer service will easily be compromised if people share documents through e.g. email, and keep them stored on their PC. Using private and one-off tools ends up with no control and management of information, no proper archiving of documents, no workflows to support the right way of handling e.g. agreements. This also leads to security challenges as the tools are outside the company IT’s control, and might not adhere to the security standards of the company.

The M-FILES solution to the challenge

  • Immediate connection to all data. No migration of your data required
  • Same version of truth for everyone. Avoid version chaos of documents
  • Protect & control your sensitive business data. Retain control and adhere to processes

How can M-FILES help you?

M-Files connects to existing systems, like network folders and SharePoint, and makes those systems more intelligent by adding metadata, version control, and workflows to the content. M-Files enables organizations to access and manage the ever-increasing amount of documents and information across all business systems without requiring an expensive and time-consuming migration.
M-files can help you be productive from home

Remote working and building a flexible workplace may be new to some of you out there, but they’re core concepts to us. Find out how M-Files can help equip your remote workforce with anytime, anywhere access to company information – without sacraficing information security, compliance or governance.

If you need more information on how we can help you be more productive so you can work anytime, anywhere, and with any device, please complete the contact form and we will contact you