Salesforce is a key solution for anyone working in sales. You will recognize the need to manage customer data and related activities within the Salesforce platform. However, what you might be lacking is the ability to see all related content and documents in the same view.

Well, we have the remedy – Document Management for Salesforce.

Get one view over business data and documents

Would you like to be able to see all related documents while still working in Salesforce?

Salesforce is an important daily tool for anyone in sales. But in most cases, managing customer data is not enough, you also need document management capabilities for Salesforce. You also need to access, edit and manage documents and content related to the customers.

M-Files for Salesforce add-in allows you to find, access, edit and manage all your content in the familiar Salesforce view regardless of where that content is stored. It also allows you to see the related business data in other systems in the same view.

Bridge structured Salesforce information with related documents

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more how to take Salesforce Customer 360 to the next level by connecting customer data to other business information, related documents and processes.

Add intelligence to your content

M-Files offers several artificial intelligence services that help you automate your business.

Add workflows to documents or manage business processes with established company guidelines easily with M-Files workflow automation for Salesforce. Or look for patterns in data to identify business-critical information among the clutter in the network folders.

M-Files for Salesforce

With M-Files, sales and service teams can organize and manage customer-related documents such as proposals, contracts, and sales collateral – then tag them to related records, such as Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts or Leads in Salesforce.

Cloud or hybrid deployment

M-Files for Salesforce is available as both a cloud-based service or as on-premises software, giving you the options you need to optimize your business and comply with regulatory and policy requirements.

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